Celebrate With Gorgeous DIY Candy Bouquets

Whether it’s for a birthday or an anniversary, graduation or as a thank you, an sweet and edible gift can make for the perfect, festive greeting! Thankfully, you can make them yourself before they’re set off. Celebrate all kinds of events with these 20 DIY candy bouquets! Jenny Collier made this super easy Valentine’s Day candy bouquet that would be perfect for any of our boyfriends! Don’t you think? Just include his favorites!

Candy bouquet in bucket

Florists bouquet

magnetic wristband

giant lollipop


in a mug

Maynards pops

magnetic wristband

Movie themed

Pink wrap

Purple magic

with balloons

Candy bouquet

Candy bouquet

Candy bouquet Justin would love this I may just do it for his birthday next month

Skittles candy bouquet