25+ Best DIY Christmas Decorations for 2018

With the holiday season just around the corner, why not save yourself a bundle of cash by making your very own DIY Christmas decorations! You can add LED Christmas lights to painted branches, upcycle Christmas ornaments, or turn pine cones into place holders! All of the tutorials are really easy to follow & you probably have most of the supplies lying around your home. We’ve also added a few creative Christmas decorations you can buy online.

1. Curtain Christmas Fairy Lights
Curtain Christmas Fairy Lights
Create an amazing festive atmosphere by illuminating your home with these gorgeous, twinkling fairy lights!
Buy on Amazon Curtain Christmas Fairy Lights

The Red Tea Detox

2. Snowman Candle Holder
Snowman Candle Holder
This snowman candle holder will bring a cheerful glow to any room and is the perfect decoration for winter.
View Tutorial Snowman Candle Holder

3. Mason Jar Christmas Lights
Mason Jars with Battery Operated Fairy Lights
Buy on Amazon 6 LED Moon Starry String Lights | Mason Jars

4. Mini Garland Christmas Tree
Mini Garland Christmas Tree
Tutorial Garland Christmas Tree

5. Christmas Sequin Pillows
Christmas Sequin Pillows
Tutorial Christmas Sequin Pillows

6. DIY Fairy Lanterns
DIY Fairy Lanterns
Tutorial DIY Fairy Lanterns

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7. DIY Minecraft Glitter Ornaments
DIY Minecraft Glitter Ornaments
Tutorial DIY Minecraft Glitter Ornaments

8. DIY Yarn Snowman
DIY Yarn Snowman
Tutorial DIY Yarn Snowman

9. Easy Paper Wreath
Easy Christmas Paper Wreath
Tutorial Easy Paper Wreath

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10. Santa Tissue Box
Santa Tissue Box 1
Tutorial Santa Tissue Box

11. Candy Cane Candles
Candy Cane Candles
Tutorial Candy Cane Candles

12. Yarn Stars
Yarn Stars
Tutorial Yarn Stars

13. Snow Globe
Mason Jar Snow Globe
Tutorial Snow Globe

14. String Art Glitter Ball Ornaments
String Art Glitter Ball Ornaments
Tutorial String Art Glitter Ball Ornaments

15. How to Make a Sparkle Ball
How to Make a Sparkle Ball
Tutorial How to Make a Sparkle Ball

The Fat Decimator System

16. Illuminated Ping Pong Ball Lamp
Illuminated Ping Pong Lamp
Tutorial Illuminated Ping Pong Ball Lamp

17. Festive 3D Shadow Box
Festive 3D Shadow Box
Tutorial 3D Display Picture

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18. Scandinavian Twig Christmas Tree
Scandinavian Twig Christmas Tree
Tutorial Branch Tree

19. Christmas in a Jar
Christmas in a Jar
Tutorial Christmas in a Jar

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20. Cinnamon Stick Candle
Cinnamon Stick Candle
Tutorial Cinnamon Stick Candle

21. Festive Candy Stands
Festive Candy Stands
Tutorial Festive Candy Stands

22. Festive Jars
Festive Jars
Tutorial Festive Jars

23. Frosted Luminary
Frosted Luminaries
Tutorial Frosted Luminary

24. Frosty Glitter Jars
Frosted Glitter Votives
Tutorial Frosty Glitter Jars

25. Glitter Reindeer Head

Glitter Reindeer Head
Tutorial Glitter Reindeer Head

26. Glittery Chalkboard Print

Glittery Chalkboard Print
Tutorial Glittery Chalkboard Print

27. Gold Pine Cone Garland

Gold Pine Cone Garland
Tutorial Gold Pine Cone Garland

28. Joy Luminaries

Joy Luminaries
Tutorial Joy Luminaries

29. Ornament Garland

Ornament Garland
Tutorial Ornament Garland

30. Pom Pom Snowman

Pom Pom Snowman
Tutorial Pom Pom Snowman

31. Red Marquee Lights

Red Marquee Lights
Tutorial Red Marquee Lights

32. Winter Bird House

Winter Bird House 1
Tutorial Winter Bird House

33. Willow Branch LED Pendant Lamp

Willow Branch LED Pendant Lamps
Buy on Amazon Willow Branch LED Pendant Lamp

34. Ceiling Hanging Sparkle Ball

Styrofoam LED Glow Ball
Tutorial Ceiling Hanging Sparkle Ball

35. How to make Sparkle Star

How to Make a Sparkle Star
Tutorial How to make Sparkle Star

36. Ornament Vases

Ornament Vases with LED Lights
Tutorial Ornament Vases

37. Glitter Dipped Candles
Glitter Dipped  Candles
Tutorial Glitter Dipped Candles