25+ Best DIY Christmas Decorations for 2018

Wood crates used as a display case for a Christmas village
Wooden Sled with LED Lights
Tin Can Snowman
Tree Trunk Slices used as Christmas Display Units
White and Silver Christmas Box
Christmas Apothecary Jars
Christmas Cloche with Deers
Christmas in a cylinder vase
Nativity scene in a lantern
Candle Holder Display
Christmas box ideas
Christmas Display in a Glass
Christmas in a vase Add some decoration fake snow and put in fairy lights
Lantern For the Fireplace
Galvanized Christmas Bells
Hallway Christmas Centerpiece
Reindeer and branches with LED lights
Ladder Used as Christmas Display Unit
Ornaments in Vases
Snowman Made from Fish Bowls and Fake Snow

With the holiday season just around the corner, why not save yourself a bundle of cash by making your very own DIY Christmas decorations! You can add LED Christmas lights to painted branches, upcycle Christmas ornaments, or turn pine cones into place holders! All of the tutorials are really easy to follow & you probably have most of the supplies lying around your home.

View Tutorial Pine Cone Mason JarsPine Cone Mason Jar