20+ Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom

Pretty Kitties Gift Box
I love, love, love this kitty themed gift box! Just pick out your favorite kitty mug, kitty socks, kitty shoulder bag and add in any other items you like!


Sweater Cookies Mug Gift Box Gift Ideas Food Gift Small
This would make a lovely gift box for a more “homely” teen… just add in a fresh linen scented candle, infinity scarf and some macarons for a bit of indulgence!

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Great ideas for a basket full of stuff that teens would like and a great thing to do for your friends
1) Falsies Volum Express | 2) Mint Chocolate Candle | 3) iPhone Case | 4) Nail Polish Set | 5) Rose Earrings | 6) EOS Lim Balm | 7) Fuzzy Socks | 8) Body Spray | 9) Rings | 10) Knit Loop Scarf


Beauty and Eye Makeup Gift Basket
This bouquet is full of awesome goodies like a contour makeup kit, BS-MALL makeup brushes and deep cleansing charcoal strips!

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Beauty Gift Box
Here’s a super stylish gift basket with some makeup and knee high boot socks


Cozy gift basket 52
Create the coziest gift basket ever with cable knitted slippers, a sherpa throw blanket and fleece anti-slip socks!


Gift box for having a girly day How cute Still needs tea chocolate
This is the perfect gift box for a girly day in! Just add items like Sherpa fleece slippers, a sparkling pink bracelet and a pink sleep mask and you’re good to go!


Little Box of Sunshine
Who doesn’t need a bit of sunshine in their life?! Just add in some Country Time lemonade, Quakers instant oatmeal, Wheat Thins and any other “sunshine” themed items to make the perfect gift box!

Baileys Hot Chocolate Gift
Tutorial Baileys Hot Chocolate Gift

Christmas Cocoa Mugs
Tutorial Christmas Cocoa Mugs

DIY Beaded Charm Bracelet
Tutorial DIY Beaded Charm Bracelet

DIY Lace Jewelry
Tutorial DIY Lace Jewelry

DIY Watercolor Mugs
Tutorial DIY Watercolor Mugs

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Hot Chocolate Ornaments
Tutorial Hot Chocolate Ornaments

Vintage Teacup Candles
Tutorial Vintage Teacup Candles

Chain Bracelet with Crochet
Tutorial Chain Bracelet with Crochet

DIY Marble Dipped Mugs
Tutorial DIY Marble Dipped Mugs

Easy DIY Knotted Cord Bracelet
Tutorial Easy DIY Knotted Cord Bracelet

Golden Glass Votives
Tutorial Golden Glass Votives

Make a Gorgeous Tassel Necklace
Tutorial Make a Gorgeous Tassel Necklace

Peppermint Cream for Dry Feet
Tutorial Peppermint Cream for Dry Feet

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Santas Candy Sleighs
Tutorial Santas Candy Sleighs

Up cycle An Old Polo Shirt Into a Stylish New Bag
Tutorial Up cycle An Old Polo Shirt Into a Stylish New Bag