Awesomet DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations Ideas – Lanterns

Battery lights and gold ornaments in a lantern
Christmas decoration lantern
Christmas decoration
Christmas In Heaven Lantern with Santa’s cookies
Christmas lantern with a Christmas tree
Christmas lanterns
Create a hill sledding scene
How pretty can you make the Westminster Lantern
Roombox in a latern what a wonderful idea Like the use of decoration around the top to hide the lightbulb
This lantern looks great in almost every season but especially at Christmas Easy a few cut greens fairy rice light string on battery operated timer a few well placed colored balls
white lantern with red glass ball ornaments

If basic string lights aren’t cutting it for you, then it’s time to add some DIY outdoor Christmas decorations ideas – in other words Christmas lanterns! They can function as a centerpiece, light up your yard, or just add some extra glow to corners of your house. Whether you want to totally DIY a lantern from scratch.

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Christmas In Heaven Lantern