31 Easy Kitchen Decorating Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank!


1. Chalkboard Calendar & Menu Board

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I always thought chalkboards were just for teachers – til I discovered chalkboard spray! This little beauty turns things like a cookie sheet into a calendar! ( No more spending a fortune on expensive gift shop calendars). So take whatever item you want , use some primer and follow with chalkboard spray paint. For the calendar it’s a good idea to use a permanent marker so only the chalk dates have to be rubbed out.( I’ll be marking my birthday with this marker- no excuses for forgetting 😉 )
Supplies: Solid Marker $6 |



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2. DIY Concrete Pendant Lights

Lighting can get pretty pricey , so this fun DIY is a great way to inject some uniqueness without the price tag – and you could make so many different shapes with different molds! Taking two different sized soda bottles as your molds (remember to apply cooking spray for easy removal of concrete) – you’re going to place one inside the other and keep them together using screws. You’ll pour your concrete mix in between and then set in a sturdy can to set (roughly 1 day).
Supplies: Quikrete $33 |



3. IKEA HACK – Kitchen Island DIY Project

I love a good Ikea hack – and this one doesn’t disappoint – especially if you’re looking to add extra storage in the kitchen. Although the finished product looks expensive it actually only costs a fraction of the price a store bought island would cost. You’ll need the Ikea Kallax Shelf Unit as well as other supplies including wood boards. I’ll probably need my hubby to help me me with this – but it’s probably gonna take a bit of bribing LOL!
Supplies: Miter Saw $419 |



4. DIY Home Coffee Bar – Coffee Station

Even if you don’t drink coffee – this works great as a dessert bar especially when you have guests over. What you need is two floating shelves, masonite for the chalkboard wall. Drill your masonite to the wall and mark where your shelves will go. Apply the chalkboard paint and allow to dry then you can drill in your shelves. Decorate with items like coffee mugs and pots. Now I just need to add George Clooney 😉 !
Supplies: Floating Shelf $25 |


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5. Scrap Wood Project: Balancing Wine Holder

This is a great way to use up left over wood (instead of just tossing them on the fire 😉 ). And they make great little gifts at Christmas too. Once you’ve worked out the balancing angle for the bottle – this really is just like a magic trick. People will all be dashing over to see how your wine is being held up!
Supplies: Colormaster $10 |



6. How To Make A Clock From Pallet Wood Blocks

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Upcycle an old clock movement mechanism and some pallet wood blocks into a funky wall clock. Arrange nine wood blocks with your mechanism in the center – you can use paste to attach this. For the finish any paint or wood polish of your choosing will suffice. This also makes a perfect little Father’s Day gift for dad or grandpa – you could even put photographs on each block.
Supplies: Wood Finish $7 |



7. The $20 Rustic Shelf – EASY DIY PROJECT

If you’re like me and constantly looking for more storage ( or clutter 😉 ) space – a hanging shelf is an ideal solution. You’ll need a board and some fittings for this project. Measure and cut your board to the length you want. Distress to achieve that rustic look. Now you can go ahead and stain it using the color of your choice. Once dry, your shelf is ready to hang!
Supplies: Sanding Block $18 |



8. Dollar Tree DIY Magnetic Spice display

How can you not love anything magnetic?! It’s an instant tidy and when you add it to chalkboard you can have labels! You’ll need a cookie pan , foam brushes, chalkboard paint and magnetic spice tins. Using your foam brush apply the chalkboard paint to your cookie pan. Allow to dry overnight and take a white out pen to add details you like. Now for the epic bit – pop your magnetic tins on ( I may have rearranged mine several times just for fun!).
Supplies: Magnetic Spice Tins $8 |


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