DIY Magnetic Makeup Board

Hey Friends! awhile ago i showed the magnetic makeup board i made and promised a tutorial that i never delivered- bad blogger! So today i will rectify that. When i was in Nashville last week my sister wanted to make one so i helped her and i think it turned out so cute. So here it goes.

magnetic make up board


More ideas…

Magnetic Chalk Board from Ikea and a pack of sticky magnets and I made my own magnetic makeup board

A space to get ready in the mornings IKEA Lack shelf for a work surface magnetic makeup board

awesome magnetic makeup board

cool magnetic makeup board

diy magnet makeup board

Diy magnetic makeup board

Magnetic makeup board DIY makeup organizer Love

Magnetic makeup board very cool and neat idea

magnetic makeup board

my DIY magnetic makeup board with silver glitter frame and chevron print background

The frame is from Micheals about Sheet metal from Home Depot about


DIY magnetic makeup board funky

Diy magnetic makeup board

Magnet Makeup Board Hot glue magnets to your makeup and bathroom items and theyll easily hold to the inside of your medicine cabinet YAY

magnetic make up board

magnetic make up board

Magnetic Makeup board DIY Take a picture frame and get sheet metal cut to size Cover the metal with fabric if you want then put magnets on the back of your makeup

magnetic makeup board

Magnetic make up board Another one

Magnetic makeup boards My make up has never been more clean or organized

My version of the magnetic makeup board

This is my magnet makeup board that i made Thanks to pintrest my makeup is now out of my sons reach