31 Valentines Crafts for Kids to Make

1. Heart Straws
These heart straws are super fun and oh so adorable and will make Valentines all the merrier! It should only take about an hour to make a whole jar full of them and you can use them as a really pretty display item in your bedroom. They’d actually be really cool for birthday parties too!

Supplies you need: Purple Polka Dot Straws | Pink Stripe Straws | Glitter Paper | Heart Shaped Craft Punch

drawer storage bins

2. Heart Friendship Bracelet
This is a really cool last minute Valentines gift you can make for your best friend, sister, Mom…or just about anybody you want to show some love for. You only need a couple of supplies and with a little practice you’ll have the loveliest bracelet ever….! ps – each one takes about three hours πŸ™‚

Supplies you need: Embroidery Floss

magnetic wristband

3. Pink Hearts Popcorn
Yummy, yummy get in my tummy! Ok, I’m making this popcorn forever, not just Valentines! Anyhoo just place some popcorn on a tray and smother in hot white chocolate and sprinkle on some pink hearts mini marshmallows and sprinkles….mmmmmmmmmmm….!!

Supplies you need: | Pink & White Mini Mallows | Pink & White Mini Mallows | Valentine Sprinkles Mix

4. Heart Wallet
Want to make the cutest gift wallet you’ve ever seen ? Then try your hands at this little gem. Start by making heart outlines on card and then use packing tape to create your glitter patch. You can use sequins on the other pouch and a trimmed zippy bag creates the wallet part. Why not put a gift card instead of money!

Supplies you need: Pink Glitter | Heart Sequins | Star Sequins | Double Sided Tape | Zippy Bags | Packing Tape |

5. Love Puzzle
This makes a super cute decoration (or distraction ;)) for your desk. You’ll need wooden cubes and acrylic paint in four colors to make this. Stick the cubes together so they don’t move around, paint a heart on one side and flip over and repeat until you have six sides painted. And voila – a love puzzle trickier than Romeo & Juliet !

Supplies you need: Wooden Cubes | Acrylic Paint

drawer storage bins

Heart Friendship Bracelet | Easy Valentines for Kids to Make

Heart Straws | Easy Valentines for Kids to Make

Heart Wallet | Easy Valentines for Kids to Make

magnetic wristband

Love Puzzle | Easy Valentines for Kids to Make

Pink Hearts Popcorn | Easy Valentines for Kids to Make