40 Creative Christmas Gifts for Family & Friends

Matchbox Advent Calendar
View Tutorial Matchbox Advent Calendar

Pocket Hand Warmers

Mini Hand Warmers
Mini Hand Warmers, $3.99, Coco33

magnetic wristband

Dollar Tree Gift Baskets Baking Set
Make your very own themed baking gift set for the cook in your life:
Kitchen Towels | Betty Crocker Cake Mix | 38-piece Kitchen Utensils

Sunshine in a Box
Bring some sunshine into someones life this holiday season with this super festive gift box:
Love & Sunshine Gift Set

Haha perfect Both of our favorite body parts for each other
The perfect gift to remind you both why you like each other so much…if you need reminding that is!
Coffee Mugs Gift Set

Happy Birthday My Love
View Tutorial Candy Bouquet for Christmas

magnetic wristband

I love you this much
Here’s a super simple homemade card idea you can any loved one: Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Girlfriend, Boyfriend…they’ll all love this!
Marker Set

Love Gift Box for Boyfriend
Make an explosion gift box for your boyfriends birthday, Valentines or Christmas. You can add any gifts inside such as a ring, watch, necklace or other goods in it as a surprise.
Explosion Gift Box

Mini MMs tube reindeer gift craft
Here’s a really great last minute gift you can make for all your friends and family!
M&M's Tubes | Brown Pipe Cleaner | Wiggle Eyes | Jingle Bells

Open When Envelopes
View Tutorial Open When Envelopes

Pink Gift Box
This is a super luxurious gift box that’ll cheer your BFF or Mom up for the whole of Christmas!
Ritter Sport | Bossy Pink Mug | Pink Clutch | Body Butter | Prosecco Glasses

Snowman candy bars
View Tutorial Snowman Candy Bars

Mini DIY Hot Cocoa Test Tube Mixers | If they love their Starbucks, then this gift will be a huge with with them. Combine sugar, dry creamer, instant coffee, dry milk powder and cocoa powder
View Tutorial Mini DIY Hot Cocoa Test Tube Mixers

Candy Cane Sleigh
View Tutorial Candy Cane Santa Sleigh

Candy Cane Gifts
Candy Cane, $14.39, Amazon

Snowman Soup
Mini Marshmallows, $10.99, Amazon

I love you to the moon and back
I love you to the moon and back, photo gift box: Paint the inside black and glue a photo of the earth and moon on the flaps. Then string some polaroid photos in between them!
Fujifilm Instax

Cute baseball gift for him
Reasons why you’re such a catch: Write a special love message on a baseball and place it back in the box.
Baseball Set

Gift Box for Boyfriend
Learn how to make a goodie box/ care package for you boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife.
View Tutorial Gift Box for Boyfriend

magnetic wristband

Gift box for Men
Create the perfect gift hamper for the man in your life.
Nivea Cream for Men | Ferrero Rocher | Jack Daniels Marinade | Glass with Cigar Rest

Gift Box for Sister
Create a pink themed gift basket for the special lady in your life…your sister, Mom, Grandma, girlfriend…lucky her!
Jardins du Monde | Cherry Blossom Candle | Pink Jelly Beans | Pink Powder Hand Treatment

Green Tea Bath Soak Gift Box
Make a refreshing gift box for someone who needs to sip tea, get a Matcha health boost and chillax!
Christmas Lip Balm Pack | T-Riffic Mug | Green Tea Shampoo | Matcha Green Tea

Cocoa Gift Set for Christmas
Cocoa tubes are the perfect stocking filler for Christmas and so simple to make…simply fill with hot cocoa, marshmallows, crushed peppermint, candy canes and tie together with a ribbon!
Hot Cocoa Test Tubes, Set of 5 for $7.99, Coco33

Pamper Package
Tutorial Pamper Package

Holiday Gift Sharpie Mugs
Tutorial Holiday Gift Sharpie Mugs

Peppermint Hot Chocolate Mocha Spoons
Tutorial Peppermint Hot Chocolate Mocha Spoons

Snowman Wrapped Candy Gifts
Tutorial Snowman Wrapped Candy Gifts

magnetic wristband

Sharpie Christmas Glasses
Tutorial Sharpie Christmas Glasses

Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments
Tutorial Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments

Cup of Cheer Personalized Mugs
Tutorial Cup of Cheer Personalized Mugs

DIY Crochet Scrabble Tile Coasters
Tutorial DIY Crochet Scrabble Tile Coasters

Glass Etched Votive Candle Holders
Tutorial Glass Etched Votive Candle Holders

Homemade Poppyseed Citrus Soap Bars
Tutorial Homemade Poppyseed Citrus Soap Bars

Cozy Slippers Gift Basket
Tutorial Cozy Slippers Gift Basket

Water Marble Mugs with Only 2 Ingredients
Tutorial Water Marble Mugs with Only 2 Ingredients

Christmas Personality Care Packages
Tutorial Christmas Personality Care Packages

Christmas Unicorn Sweater
Tutorial Christmas Unicorn Sweater

Polka Dot Gold Mug
Tutorial Polka Dot Gold Mug

Coffee Basket
Tutorial Coffee Basket

Personalized Makeup Bag
Tutorial Personalized Makeup Bag

Candy Cane Hearts
Tutorial Candy Cane Hearts

Glowing Photo Luminaries
Tutorial Glowing Photo Luminaries

Cookie Mix in a Jar
Tutorial Cookie Mix in a Jar