Easy Leopard Print Nail Art

pink leopard print
Autumn loves animal print so Black polish with a leopard print pattern creates
Black leopard gold nails
black n white leopard print
gold n black leopard print nails
Half half
Leopard print and pink
Leopard print nails black
Leopard print nails black matte
Leopard print silver and white
Love these colors together I like how this is a more subtle look
Multi colored leopard
Pastel leopard
Pink leopard nails
pink leopard print
pink leopard print with yellow
Pink White Leopard Nails
Red black nails leopard print nail art accent

Learn how to create an ombre leopard design for your nails in just a few easy steps! So first up you’ll want to start of with a base coat to protect your nails and then apply a white coat of polish. Wait for a few minutes then apply a second coat. Then grab a dotting tool and create a few light colored dots near the cuticle and then use darker and darker shades. Next you’ll need a toothpick to apply you black nail polish to start creating the leopard print.

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White background