How to Build Shelves in an Alcove

You may not have thought too much about them when you moved in. Then grown frustrated as you tried to arrange furniture around them. But the time has come to embrace your alcoves! Alcoves are usually associated with period properties, where they are created by a chimney breast jutting out in the center of a room.

Throw pillows and bookshelves set up like this in living room


More ideas…

alcove cupboard with drawers


Alcove cupboard with floating shelves




Built in window seat guest bed and storage

tension rods advert


Exeter alcove unit with removable doors Great for log storage




I have no idea if this is in a s but it looks gorgeous stylecComfiee living room


I love the pink and the light teal here


left hand side of chimney breast to have cupboards and log storage like this




Love these shelves


Moles Breath Grey Living Room


Reading Room


sitting room revamp


This sort of thing for spare bedroom