22 Last Minute DIY Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Click Pic for 18 DIY Mothers Day Gift Ideas for Kids to Make | Last Minute Mothers Day Gifts from Daughter

Get the kids crafting some lovely gifts for mom or grandma in time for Mother’s Day.

DIY Spa Package

DIY Spa Package | Last Minute Mothers Day Gifts DIY EasyFor diy mother’s day gift ideas this spa basket is ideal.Give mom a treat from the comfort of her own home with some homemade pampering treats. You’ll need mason jars as well as other items like epsom salts and essential oils.
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Emergency Candy

Emergency Candy | Inexpensive DIY Mothers Day Gifts for Grandma If you’re looking for unique inexpensive mother’s day gifts then this one is perfect !Fill a plastic organizer box with mom’s favorite treats and candy and add a cute label like “mom’s emergency stash” – and since you’re so thoughtful she may even share with you !
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Photo Coasters

Photo Coasters | Super Easy DIY Mothers Day Gifts Photos make great personalized gifts for mom especially on coasters. You’ll need an MDF coaster set and print mom’s favorite photos. Glue onto your coasters and seal with mod podge. View Tutorial Photo Coasters


Mother Canvas

Mother Canvas | Cute Mothers Day Gifts from Daughter DIY Paintings make brilliant creative mother’s day gifts – and this one is super quick and super easy to do. You’ll need a canvas and write mother going downlengthways – across fill in each letter to spell out nice words like amazing or strong – make sure to highlight the word mother with a different color like pink. View Tutorial Mother Canvas


Photo Bookmark

Photo Bookmark | Sweet Mothers Day Crafts for Teens Not only are these bookmarks easy mother’s day gifts to make but they will be something for mom to treasure forever. On a piece of plain card cut to the size of a bookmark , write your personal note to mom, Attach a string and a little photo of you ! View Tutorial Photo Bookmark

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Wooden Tray

Wooden Tray | Thoughtful Mothers Day Gifts Ideas DIY This wooden tray is the cutest gift for mother’s day! Line it with pretty paper and paint with a color of your choice. Mom can use it for jewelry or you could score extra brownie points and serve her breakfast in bed! View Tutorial Wooden Tray