Yummy St Patricks Day Party Treats

A tray of green goodness for St Patricks Day snack
Green candy buffet
Green Candy Table
green dessert table
Green Pasta simply add food coloring to water before cooking the pasta
My Shades of Green candy buffet
Rainbow pizza
St Patricks Day party ideas
St Patricks day veggie tray by my crafty mom
Great st Patricks day drink sprite green food coloring Great for kids
green pretzels
St patty day deviled eggs

St. Patrick’s Day is only a few days away but it’s never too late to get a good plan in place for all the recipes you need to make especially if you’re hosting a St. Patty’s Day party or going to someone else’s party then you’ll want to bring your own yummy goodies and party food. So we’ve listed an amazing array of treats that have mainly one thing in common – the color green! Green jello snacks are also a great idea as they’re so easy to make and they’re a big with kids of all ages. You could also cover pretzel sticks in green icing for another really quick treat.

Tutorial St Patricks Day Treats | Buy on Amazon Green Food Coloring green jello